Thursday, August 16, 2012


Chevy must be here to stay...because he got a cool new nameplate for his stall at the barn!

We had another good ride this morning. He again trotted when asked the first time! He is making a lot of progress tracking right and I am having a much better time controlling his left shoulder. I think it's a combination of me figuring out how to ride it better, and him figuring out what I am actually looking for. We worked on our 3 loop serpentine some more, adding in circles as needed to get him bending and working nicely both directions. Our canter is still one of our most rough areas, with the transitions being sloppy and him trying to break gate way too often! I think he just doesn't want to work that hard. He gave me his best forehand turns yet this morning and I think he is finally understanding what I want. 

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