Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Round 2

We had round 2 of jumping Chevy tonight. Last week was interesting to say the least and definitely left me feeling like we had work to do. Tonight was SO much better. I think he was just feeling revved up after several weeks with out jumping. I warmed him up a little harder tonight and had brought out Roz's cross country bit just in case I needed it. We warmed up over the same cross rail as last time but we had made it part of a line. The first couple times over the cross rail I could feel him pulling towards the second fence in the line. The third time through I decided to give it a go. He jumped it with out any problems.We also jumped the same grid as last week with a couple fences slightly bigger and no ground rails. He didn't offer to buck after any of the fences tonight and was actually quite lazy. Yah!

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