Monday, August 20, 2012


We had our first lesson today! It was far from perfect but we learned a lot and it was a good experience. Chevy was thrilled about going on a trip but I can't say I blame him since his last trailer experience was a 5 hour ride. Our lesson was with Tarra and Mystic. Both boys came off the trailer happy and ready to go. We were early so we got tacked up and walked around for a while. We told Kelsey a little bit about our horses and what we have been doing with them and then we were off. Chevy and I stuck with the little stuff which was just perfect for us. I'm still having trouble with him being squirmy after the fences. It's one of those dreadful cycles because I'm riding defensively because I expect him to be naughty, which makes me not ride him the way I need to, to make sure that he is good. Oh well. We will just keep working on it. I need to be sure to keep my leg on and ride him purposefully away from each fence so that he doesn't have a chance to kick up his heels. She was impressed with how quiet he was, commented on his lofty trot, and said that he seems very willing. We are hoping to get in 2 jumping lessons a month over the winter so that we will be ready to event! Now it's on to preparing for our show this weekend. 
Stylin' in his "fancy" halter
Tired out after all that work!

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  1. Cute boy! Sounds like a good lesson. Have fun this weekend.


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