Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Getaway

With the news I received yesterday I really wanted to just get away fro the day today. I talked with Tarra and she was up for a beach trip with the boys. We loaded up at 10am this morning and off we went. Rozzy Ridge got to go, possibly for the last time. He gets his dancin' shoes pulled this week and will "officially" be retired. Depending on how he handles being barefoot we may take him again next year. He is super good these days other than being really impatient with trailering. He hasn't been ridden in 6 weeks but acted like he was never out of work. We kept the work really lite; lots of walking with a small amount of trotting and cantering. He seemed so happy to be out there and it was really relaxing. I told Tarra I wished I could bottle that feeling up to us in the coming months. A couple of little girls stopped to pet the horses and we told them Roz would be a good one to pet. He sniffed and sniffed one of the girls. It was super cute! 

We ran in to the trainer we are taking jumping lessons from. She is willing to ride Chevy in my lessons until I am able/ready to be jumping again. That will be really nice as I hate to have his progress set back because I'm not up to riding. Our lesson is on Monday so that should be fun.

I love this horse!
Cuddles with my boy
Isn't he handsome? Not looking too bad for 20. :)
Cookies for the good boys.


  1. What an awesome way to get your mind off things!

  2. Sounds like a really nice day! Great pictures.


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