Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Engine

I finally found Chevy's engine tonight! I was slightly un-motivated to ride but figured I better do it anyway. Chevy was already in his night time paddock and nickered at me as I came to get him. He started out on the lazy side while I worked on two-point. I then dropped my stirrups a couple of holes and set to doing some serious flat work. I have just started asking for a little bit of leg yields from him. We did them both directions at the walk before I decided to try them at the trot. They are definitely rough but he is starting to get the idea. As we worked I could feel him getting more forward and confident about what I wanted. We worked more on his canter transitions which are still sticky. I also started moving him around more at the canter, flexing him in and out as we went. He thought it was really hard but soon settled in to a rhythm. By the end of the ride he was going better than I have ever had him! I'm looking forward to seeing how he does tomorrow.

We took our dogs to the beach today. They have never been before but it was a blast. Annie had fun chasing birds and checking out all of the good smells. She loves riding in the car so she thoroughly enjoyed out trip to and from the coast.

Checking out the beach
Annie and Paddi

Sweet Annie

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