Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Chevy redeemed himself tonight with a much better ride than Sunday. I'm not jumping him this week as I am getting ready for our dressage show on Saturday. Once that's over Tarra gets to take over for the month of October. I bet she will have him whipped into shape in no time!

I was delighted to see Roz trot up the hill tonight towards his feed pan looking almost sound! I'm really excited to see if he gets even better being barefoot. Yah for a mostly sound old pony! I was a little bit worried that he was just going to fall apart when the shoes came off. If things continue as they are now, I will definitely ride him around the farm next summer and hopefully take him on a few beach rides too. My dad thinks it would be fun to go so we could easily take Roz and Chevy over there.

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  1. He isnt going to like Auntie Tarra after October :) Here is is thinking I just give him cookies and love!


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