Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have received such an outpouring of love and encouragement in the last few days. It's amazing sometimes how many people you are connected with, and you don't even realize it. Our trip to the beach yesterday really helped me relax. Today, our church family offered so much support and prayers on my behalf along with my wonderful extended family. You can really see how Christ intended the church to strengthen and support each other. I am so blessed with a wonderful support system. I even have a "food team" who is helping to figure out several cancer fighting foods that will help me defeat this. I know that God does hear the prayers of his people and I trust that he will take care of me during this difficult time. Prayers are being lifted up all of the world on my behalf. From Japan, to Korea, Texas to Oklahoma, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Colorado, Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and of course Oregon.

Galatians 6:2 "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the laws of Christ."

I was given a beautiful image of a tapestry from a friend. "If we look at it from the front, all we see is a beautiful image, but when we look at it from behind we see a tapestry of knots and weird colors and, well, pure mess. But it takes the backside of a tapestry to make the beautiful side possible."

Often times we don't understand why things are happening the way they are, but really we are so zoomed in to our own life and not to the bigger picture and the way we can impact others. I pray and trust that God will use this difficult time in my life to impact a lot of people. 

On a horsey note (which is really what this blog is about), Tarra jumped Chevy for me today. I warmed him up first, while she worked with Mystic bareback and bridle less. Once he was ready to go, we moved outside and I got a couple of fences set for them. Chevy refused the first cross rail a couple of times before Tarra asked him to just walk over, since it was so small. Once he got going he was just fine. The first time in to the panel (with flowers) he thought about going but in the end decided to stop. I was happy that he stopped nicely, and when asked to go the second time hopped right over. He also jumped over another fence with flowers, on the first try. He has been a bit skeptical of flowers in previous rides but I think that he is getting over them. He didn't do too much bucking, although he did try it a little bit. You could see him land and consider being naughty but for the most part he thought better of it. There was a gymnastic line that he was having trouble with and he took off on the other side a few time. He does not like "landing in a heap" as Kelsey would say.  It will be fun to see how he does cross country tomorrow with Kelsey riding him. 

And a big THANK YOU to Tarra for being willing to help me with Chevy in the coming months. I have had a few offers for horse help and I really appreciate it. From what I understand, Chevy has had several starts and stops in his training so I would hate to have to put him back out to pasture when we are really making good progress. Plus, I know that I am not going to be as strong when I come back so it would be much easier for both of us if he has continued to work. 

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