Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Chevy was as far away from the barn as possible today, when I got there. After hiking out to get him, we returned to the barn for a nice grooming session. He is getting really shiny and loves being groomed.
Sleeping before our ride

The theme for our rides as really been to get him responsive to my leg and moving freely forward with out being sulky. One of the comments from our dressage test was that it looked like I was working too hard, and I agree. I have been more insistent that he GO when I tell him to, not after I have asked 8 times.  He really tries to throw his body around as an evasion to actually going forward when asked. This is mostly going from walk to trot, and is a lot worse before he is warmed up. Once we establish forward, he is usually quite good. It has gotten progressively better since I got him so I really think that it's partially how lazy he is and partially him learning my expectations. We are going to keep working at it, but I think I will have a really forward horse before I know it! I was also able to get much better control over his right shoulder while cantering. He's getting more tuned in to my leg and my body so that I am better able to guide him from that. 

I recently read an article by Jimmy Wofford regarding nosebands. The article link is here. It talks about how many people use them without even considering riding there horse either in a different style of noseband or with out one. I decided to give Chevy a try with out the flash on Sunday. I really didn't notice a big difference, but today I felt like he was definitely happier. He got really foamy lips for the first time.
Look at those foamy lips!
He's such a good boy!
I had my CT and bone scan today. Both went well, and we should have results tomorrow. 


  1. My mare doe that silly 'whaaa I CAN'T go forward!' thing too. So frustrating.


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