Friday, September 7, 2012

Hanging Up His Shoes

Roz had his final pair of dancin' shoes pulled today. It's hard to believe. He seems to be doing well in his newly bare feet. I plan to keep a close eye on him but expect that he will be fine. It will be interesting to see how his lameness does with out the corrective shoeing that he has had for the last year. He is totally happy hanging out in the pasture, getting cookies and kisses every morning and evening. He has made friends with the ram and they will now share a hay pile together. I'm so glad that I am able to keep for the remainder of his years. He's been a fantastic horse for me and I love him.
Roz in 2003. I purchased him as a "project horse" with a couple of friends.
Almost 10 years later
Chevy was a good boy tonight. I spent more time focusing on my position and less on him. My stirrups are still short from Kelsey jumping him on Monday so I decided I would practice two point. I definitely need to get working on it! My balance up in two point is so much worse than I thought it was. I guess a couple years of mostly dressage work will do that to you. I'm planning to start working on it so that I can ride him better over fences. It's a good thing Chevy is a sweetheart and doesn't seem to mind me bouncing around up there! I really feel much more secure sitting in the saddle, ready for whatever my horse my throw at me. I need to start trusting him though, and I think if I do, he will return the favor. It's kind of a bummer to be trying to get back in to jumping shape but knowing that I will be having surgery soon. Hopefully whatever work I do now will stick with me while I'm not able to ride.

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  1. What a great guy. So glad Roz can be around for you right now. :)


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