Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

One of the things I have been trying to avoid since my diagnosis was falling off my horse. But no worries, I came off of him tonight. I normally have very good sticking abilities but he just caught me by surprise. We were walking around the field with Tarra and Mystic when Chevy tripped right out from under me! I felt one hoof catch and I looked down to see his head disappearing towards the ground. Of course I fell off right on my head! My neck is a bit sore and so is one arm, but overall I'm just fine. The good news is that I'm not any more fragile today than I was last week. At least I've gotten my first fall off of him out of the way. It never fails you fall off when you aren't really doing anything.

My appointment today was very informative. My cancer is grade 2 and is average in terms of aggressiveness. The doctor spent a lot of time explaining stuff to us and discussing many different options. We have a meeting with another surgeon and the oncologist tomorrow. Then we have to make a lot of life changing decisions. Something super crazy the doctor told us is that this probably started 8-10 years ago! If it was 10 years ago I would have been 14.


  1. Can I ask you a question? I find it hard to imagine what a lump might feel like. Mine are on the smallish side but they feel like the whole breast is lumpy. I think I would miss a lump if I had one. :-/

    Boo for falling off, yay for your amazing attitude to it all!

  2. Hmm...well mine is large and hard, so it's pretty hard to miss. But I wouldn't say that the rest of my breast is lumpy either.

  3. According to the oncologist we saw today...you should be looking for any changes in your breast. YOU have to be the one to tell them what's new and what you feel is changing. She said a lot of people think they have magic doctor hands but that's not the case.

    It makes total sense to me. For example: Mystic was off a couple of weeks ago and Tarra asked me to feel his legs. It was hard for me to say if the bump she found was a worry because I didn't know what his legs felt like before his lameness, and if that bump had always been there.

  4. Yes, that does make total sense. Thank you for your honest replies!

    And thank you for keeping us updated. It is a brave thing to share this with the whole world - it must make it very very real to you and that is scary. Lots of prayers from me all the way over here!

  5. Glad you weren't hurt when you fell.
    You sound like you are handling your news very well. Stay strong!!


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