Monday, September 3, 2012

Lookin' Good

Chevy was a super good boy at his lesson today. Kelsey rides him very well, as I was sure she would. He jumped more confidently this time around. He got to see most of the same stuff as last time but they added in up and down banks. He jumped the up bank no problem but was not interested in jumping down. He did not want to go forward to it and was kicking out his right hind when he was tapped with the whip or kicked. He did finally give it a try and they did it a few more times after that to confirm that it wasn't going to eat him. Silly boy. He did a ditch just fine too. He is definitely more comfortable finding a distance from the canter but he got to do a lot of trot fences today to help him with that. He didn't do any of his naughty bucking stuff today so that was awesome! Hopefully by the time I get back on him to jump it will be all gone.

Hanging out before his lesson

"Umm....Mom? Why aren't you riding?"

Doesn't that look like a nice jumping pony?
He was sure he was being asked to jump off of a cliff! 


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