Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Negative x4

I finally got the results of the BRCA testing that was pending, it came back negative! The final negative result we are looking for his that there is no evidence of cancer in my lymph nodes. This will be determined when I have surgery on October 2nd. If that's the case then I have the total "best case scenario" for the situation. Praise God!

I gave Chevy Monday night off and when I went out to ride last night he had a swollen left front leg. I cleaned him up, cold hosed his leg for 10 minutes, and gave him a gram of bute. He was trotting sound on in and I think that he just knocked his leg on something. It definitely looked better tonight, although not perfect. I rode him lightly, cold hosed it for 5 minutes and gave him another gram of bute to help with the inflammation. Hopefully it will heal right up!


  1. Yes!!! That's so awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. You're approaching this with so much bravery and confidence, I'm ashamed to say that I would not have approached mine with nearly as much grace as you are.

  2. Thank you for the kind words Jen. I think it's really hard to know how you would deal with something until you are actually going through it...I'm not sure how else to approach it. I was very upset the first few days after being diagnosed. There are a lot of thoughts that go through your head, especially before you have any real information as to what your prognosis is. Thankfully things are looking good at this point and hopefully this is really no more than a bump in the road.


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