Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Last Hurrah

Chevy and I went to our last show of the season today. My mastectomy is scheduled for Tuesday, and then there is no riding for me for 6 weeks. It was awesome to have a lovely last show with my boy before having some down time. He is a very easy show horse! My biggest issue is probably making sure he doesn't get poop stains on his white socks. The weather was gorgeous and I had lots of company and help. 

April sent me a text around 8am that he had gotten several braids out over the night. I normally just braid them down the night before so that the morning of I only need to put them up. He had obviously rubbed them out because it was one whole section of his neck, not scattered through out. I had to re-do a few before I could finish them. I think they turned out better than last time, looking much more consistent. 
 He warmed up very easily just like last time. He has really settled in to his job and seems happy to do it. I ended up with more warm up time than I needed but we just spent some extra time walking. One I got him in the arena for my first test I got him jazzed up just a little too much! I practiced a couple of canter transitions and got after him for being late with one. Once we started our test he offered the canter a couple of times in our first trot circle, and jigged through our transition to the medium walk. Then we turned around and had a break in one of his canter circles. Overall I felt good about the test even with the minor bobbles. I think we definitely did a better drop portraying the "look of a desire to go forward"as our previous judge requested. 

I was disappointed to receive our score sheet with a 62.8 and a 6th place ribbon. I felt like our test was better than that but I really lost points for not using my corners well enough and making my circles too small. We got dinged the worst on some of our movements that had coefficients so that hurt us. We did get 5 scores of 7.5 so it wasn't a disaster by any means. 

For our second test my goal was to ride those corners and circles! I also really wanted to maintain his forwardness. Right from the start of my warm up he was ready to go. We spent a lot of time walking and a little bit of time actually working. Our test rode well and I focused on riding a step further into the corners than I really wanted to. I lost him through one corner and messed up one of our loops, he tried to trot in the very start of our free walk, and I didn't give him the best preparation for one of our canter to trot transitions.  We got 2 8's for going down the centerline, for our halt, salute so I was very pleased with that. Our final score was a 68.4% and 2nd place out of a class of 14. 

Video if anyone cares to watch it.   And of course some beautiful photos taken by Tarra.
I think he is looking so much more like a dressage horse!

A gorgeous photo April caught on her phone!
Beautiful canter photo
Blasting down the rail with his mom smiling away. He doesn't normally volunteer to "go" that much!
Halt, salute
Isn't he handsome?!


  1. I think you guys did excellent! He is such a handsome boy and you did a fantastic job braiding his mane. I want to learn how to do that! All I can do is a french braid, which I try to do on every horse I work with, appropriate for that breed or not. :)

    Good luck with surgery this week, although I know you don't need it. I hope the recovery is speedy and you're able to get back to riding as soon as the 6 weeks is up!

  2. You guys look great! Congrats. Chevvy is gorgeous.

  3. that is awesome that the show went so well! :)

    sending prayer for your surgery! :)

  4. Wow, you both look awesome! So improved. :) What a great note to take a break on. Best wishes for surgery and beyond.


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