Saturday, September 15, 2012


Chevy has had a busy week. Thursday night he got a break from the arena and we spent some time jumping. We just worked over a small cross rail but my goal was to work on my position and keeping a steady rhythm. Chevy was very quiet and jumped nicely. We put in a quick ride yesterday evening. Today, we met up with Mary and her horse Rheiny for a trail ride. Both horses were very good and it was nice to get them out on the trail. Chevy was his usual quiet self and was happy to follow along after Rheiny. After 2 hours of hill work, I'm sure he will sleep well tonight.

Chevy and I at the top of mountain
Chevy and Rheiny getting acquainted. 
I have surgery scheduled for October 2nd. This means that we will be able to go to the final dressage show of the year that I was really hoping to attend. It's on September 29th.  I'm really glad that I have continued to work Chevy, even though I was feeling like it's a bit pointless. We will be competing in Training level test 2 & 3 this time around. I think that we have made a lot of progress in the past month and it will be fun to see that come out in the show ring. 

In speaking with the plastic surgeon, he said I can start riding again 3-4 weeks after my surgery. I was pleasantly surprised with his answer, although he also said that I will be pretty sore from the surgery. At the very least, hopefully I can get on and start walking around with in the first month.


  1. Wow, hardly a month from diagnosis to treatment! That is excellent, I hope everything continues to go (seemingly) smoothly for you. Good luck on your next trial with Chevy! I'm sure he appreciates the time you spend training him :)

  2. So quickly! Hope you got the rest of your test results back. :) Sounds like good news all around. A month off really isn't bad at all.


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