Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Did It!

I tacked Chevy up all by myself tonight. That may not sound like much, but for a person who could barely get her arm above her head 2 weeks ago, it was pretty good. The hardest things for me to do (even still) are to put his halter on, and pick is feet. The hoof picking isn't too bad but I'm afraid my arm could get jerked so I end up holding his foot with my right hand and picking with my left, or just sitting his hoof on my leg while I do it. I had no problem carting my saddle around on my left arm, getting it on him, or getting my girth tightened. Hopefully surgery next week doesn't eliminate all of that progress. The pony was a bit wild starting out due to some activity in the field next to the arena. Tarra opted to lunge him for a bit and by the time she got on he was well warmed up and nicely forward. They have several good transitions into and out of the canter and he looked great. 


  1. Its the little things! And he felt great last night too!

  2. Hooray!! You're fast--I think is took me like 4-5 weeks from my fall last year (broken arm) til I could tack up by myself. It's a big accomplishment. Best wishes for next week. :)


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