Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Really Did It

I rode Chevy today! The first time in a month. It felt so good! Tarra rode with me and she finished the ride on Chevy while I walked around on Mystic. The plan is for Tarra to ride him the rest of the week before he goes to the trainer. He hadn't been ridden since Thursday, although he was lunged on Saturday. I could definitely tell that he was not as tuned up as normal. Hopefully with the consistent work this week he will be ready to go!

Then I came home and spent 30 minutes currying my mud ball. I finally gave up but you could actually tell that there is a bay pony under all of that dirt. I want to have him clean for his farrier appointment on Friday. I think it's a losing battle but I've got to try. I think he is gaining weight which is great! I switched him to a new grain earlier this month, so I hope it's helping. It's harder to tell with all of his winter fuz. I always say "Fuzzy wuzzy was Roz" in the winter, because he grows a total shaggy coat! When I get my hands on him I can feel his ribs but they do have some covering. He's really probably close to an ideal weight. There is no reason for him to be packing extra weight around.

Begging for more cookies. Can't you see that he is starving?! :)


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