Monday, October 8, 2012

Too Smart

Rozzy Ridge is just way too smart! When my dad went out to feed him yesterday morning he was grazing on the front yard. I guess he accidentally forgot to latch the gate Saturday night.  Oops! Roz snorted twice, turned around and trotted back through the barn and out to his pasture. Once there, he turned around and began to nicker for his breakfast just like normal. My dad told me that Roz couldn't have been out long because he hadn't even pooped! A while later my mom opened the blinds in my bed room and there was some horse poop right outside my bedroom window. I guess he was just coming to visit me. Too bad I was asleep. The bad part about this is that Roz is quite clever and is good at opening unlatched gates by bumping them with his nose. I have a feeling that little rascal checks that gate every morning to see if he can get out for a early morning stroll.

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