Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chemo #1

We made it through chemotherapy number 1 yesterday. So far is hasn't been too bad. But let's start at the beginning. My wonderful mom, and sis-in law, Holly, came with me. The nurse took us straight back the chemo room and accessed my port to draw blood for my lab work for the day. While this was in progress the Breast Cancer Health Nurse, had my pick out a care bag brought in by students from CV. The port makes things super easy. Although it's ugly to look at I'm glad I have one. The nurse asked if I would like a lidoacaine shot over the port before she accessed it. I had read somewhere else to opt out of the lidocaine since it burns worse than what they are actually doing. So she inserted a needle into my port and I felt a small pinch. From there nothing is painful as they have you all hooked up to receive your pre meds and chemo through your port. The taped the tubing up on my shirt and off we went to see Dr. Boric. We hadn't seen her for a while but everything was in line with what we had talked about previously. With the second biopsy back clean, there is no need for radiation. She approved my final expansion appointment on Monday. We were talking to her about the dosage of chemo that I am getting. Everyone gets the same dosage but it is done by height and weight, so because I am "so small" I'm getting the smallest dose she has ever given. Now I don't think 5'7" and 130lbs is really "so small" but it must be in comparison to other patients they see through out the day. She listened to my heart and lungs, checked for any leg swelling, made sure my knees would jump when she hit them etc. She then turned to Holly and said that all the nurses were freaking out about having a pregnant person in the chemo treatment room. We were all impressed they could tell she is pregnant because she is still pretty small for being 5 months along. The doctor explained the risks but said after the 2nd trimester she should be just fine to be in. We discussed all of the areas in our environment where we are exposed to chemicals, and the excuse is made that it is a tiny amount but once you get a tiny amount from several different things all of a sudden you have had a lot of exposure.

Back to the treatment area to get the real stuff going. I started out getting dexamethasone, and then a strong anti nausea med. I am at the most risk of getting nausea because I am so healthy and my body isn't used to dealing with posions like that. It took quite a while to just get my pre meds done. We finally moved on to about an hour of getting the first drug called Cytoxan. During that one I started getting a weird sinus pressure and feeling on the back of my head. They slowed the rate they were being pumped in and gave me some tylenol. Lastly, they hand syringe the last (worst) drug, Adriamycin. During that one I sucked on 2 otter pops to hopefully decrease the mouth sores I'm supposed to be getting.

I felt pretty well when we got done. My mom and I ran to the store to get my prescription and then we worked out at Curves. I felt great! We headed home where Tarra showed up with post chemo brownies. I had a good dinner, including a brownie but by around 8:30 last night food sounded horrible. My little brother was talking about pizza and I had to tell him to stop it was grossing me out so bad. Weird! I slept okay for a few hours, then tossed and turned for a few hours until I could take more meds.

I went to work for a few hours but I was so sleepy, so I headed home around 11am. I took a 1.5 hour nap and woke up feeling better. Chantelle visited with me for a couple of hours and now I need to head back in to the Clinic for a Neulasta shot to boost my neutrophils.


  1. You are becoming a hospital expert. :) I'm with you--I really don't take drugs much, so when I had pain meds for my accident, it was nasty. :(

    Hope you stay chipper. You're doing really well.

  2. Wow! you are being really brave about all this :) I'm glad its going well.


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