Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today is 7 weeks from my mastectomy and I'm a week away from starting chemo. Believe it or not it still feels very surreal to me. I'm really hoping that chemo goes smoothly and that I can continue to do all of the things I enjoy. I realized today that chemo was really my choice. When we met with my oncologist after my surgery she discussed the oncotype testing with me and asked if I would consider having chemo if that test showed that I would get a lot of benefit from it. I told her yes, even though I really didn't want to deal with chemo. If I had said no we wouldn't have bothered with the $3000 test. In the end, I chose chemo because I would rather know that I did everything that I could to make sure that I never have to deal with this again, than take the "easy" route out now and find out later on that the cancer has returned. I was supposed to have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow but they called me today to let me know that it is unnecessary as I will be meeting with her on Tuesday before my first round of chemo.

I had my 3rd expansion appointment yesterday. I'm getting really close to being done with that phase of the reconstruction. A lot of people have asked me if it hurts but it really doesn't. When they get started they find the port to the expander by using a magnet. Once they find it they give me a shot of lidocaine to numb that area. I honestly have very little feeling there anyway so even without the lidocaine I don't think I would notice it much. They insert I nice big butterfly catheter into the port and inject 50mls of saline in to the expander. The first time the skin was not that tight and I hardly noticed him doing it. The last 2 times I have definitely felt it get tight as he injects. I feel a little bit tender right after he does it but by the next day I don't even notice it. It's pretty cool! I'm guessing I will be done after my next appointment on Monday but we'll see how it goes.

I plan to ride Chevy Thursday morning, and then I have a lesson on him Friday. I'm really excited to get back to riding. I have continue to work out at Curves and definitely feel like I am getting stronger. I carried a 50lb bag of grain over the weekend and moved some straw bales around. I'm not too far off from where I was prior to surgery. Yah!


  1. I love your optimism! :) Hope thigns continue to look up for you.

  2. I'm finally catching up on posts I've starred at work so that I'll remember to comment on them at home. Being able to say that you chose the course of your treatment has to make it feel better. I know I wouldn't want to feel like I was floating along someone else's path for me, especially in a situation when you feel so out of control of your own body like cancer.


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