Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heart to Heart

Today Tarra and I went out to visit Chevy. He was happy to see me! I headed out to grab him from his paddock, and he perked right up as soon as I called to him. I got him all cleaned up before heading to the outdoor arena. I was on the look out for anything unusual with him since he has been on the naughty side since starting his training. He behaved just like he normally would, and we toured the arena before I put him out on the lunge line. He was definitely squirrely to start and threw in some bucks here and there. He was more forward than "normal." He was also spooking in one corner of the arena near a pile of poles, and standards. We spent a while in that corner, with him alternating between the trot and canter, while shying from that side of the arena. I asked him to whoa and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I took him outside of the arena and let him take a good look at all of the "stuff" outside the arena rail. He really didn't seem too worried about it...I'm thinkin' it was a good excuse. Silly boy! But, he actually was better once I gave him a chance to check things out. The rest of his work on the lunge line was more focused. My gut feeling is that he needs turn out! He and I had a heart to heart regarding how he needs to be on his best behavior if he wants to continue his wonderful life with me. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow! I'm planning to visit him again on Saturday and hopefully take him for a spin. :)

Modeling his hair cut

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