Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Alive

Please pardon all typos and incoherent sentences. I have been re-reading some of what I have typed recently and you can definitely tell that I am not as "with it" as normal. I have been sleeping A LOT. Like way way more than a person should normally sleep. Wednesday I left work at 11am and by the time I got home I pretty much went straight to bed. Thursday was pretty much a repeat, although I stayed at work until 12pm and my mom took me home as she was concerned about me driving when I was so sleepy. Again, I slept pretty much all afternoon and most of the night. I have really really really been struggling with being nauseated. Last night my mom came home and was giving me some dinner ideas. I promptly went into the bathroom and threw up (yucky I know).  Thankfully I woke up feeling a bit less nausea last night after sending out a facebook plea for prayers that the nausea would fade. I have eaten more today than in the last couple of days combined although I'm still feeling really careful about it. Chevy comes home tomorrow, and Sunday I am hoping to tag along with April and Tarra to this neat indoor trail course in the Eugene area. Hopefully I will regain some energy! I'm hoping to work out tomorrow morning and may even be able to make it through the day with minimal napping. You know your body has been hit hard when you are deeply sleeping 16+ hours per day. It's crazy!!!


  1. Hoping you bounce back soon and the nausea fades

  2. Hang in there. :) Sounds like you have an awesome in-person support team and we're all pulling for you here.

  3. Try not to push yourself too hard during this time Alanna. Remember this is only temporary and you can get back into things later if you need to take a break. Praying for you xo


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