Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jumping Camp

Chevy went out to jumping camp at Inavale today. I've never sent a horse to training like that before, and it was really strange to leave him. I know he is in excellent hands but it was still weird. Kelsey assured me that I can call, text or email as much as I want while she has him. He's got a great run-in shed and paddock so he should be a happy camper. Kelsey put her first ride on him today so that I could watch. She really wants to establish that he has to go forward as soon as he is asked. Of course this is something we have been working on, but I have a feeling she is really going to get through to him. As she said, we need him to be in front of our leg to the fence, over the fence, and after the fence. It really is true, and should cut down his naughty moves if he is engaged in going forward. He got really sweaty, so after his work out she asked me about clipping him. I gave him a quick bath before leaving him there, and she will possibly do a trace clip on him tomorrow. I'm really excited to see how much progress he makes over the next month. Tarra took this sweet picture of Chev and Mystic this morning, before he left. They are good buddies out in the field. I'm sure Chevy will be thrilled to be back out with the "boys" when he gets home.

I took this photo of Roz's foot, that had the false sole. You can see how much better it looks now! It looks like a normal foot aside from spot where his hoof wall is a missing. That's from the cut he sustained on his cornet band last spring. It finally grew most of the way out, and broke off a few weeks ago. While we were hooking up the trailer to go get Chevy, Roz came up the hill to check it out. I think he was expecting to go for a ride! I watched him as we went down the driveway and he watched us go all the way down. I think he thought we forgot him! 

I'm feeling good today. Definitely sore, especially from where they placed the port, but overall I'm doing well. 

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