Friday, November 2, 2012

Second One Down

I made it successfully through my second surgery today. It was SO much less stressful than the last time. I was a bit of a mess last time, definitely scared and unsure of the whole process. I had a super busy morning today. Roz got his hooves trimmed at 7:30am and everything went well. My good old friend is not falling apart. Yeah! The farrier was pleased with how his feet are doing and they cleaned up nicely. The pony himself was quite put out with a change in his morning routine. I had locked him in his stall (while he was eating breakfast), so that I could clean him up and grab him easily when the farrier got there. He is always quite good for the farrier, and stood patiently. His farrier is super sweet with him and really treats him nicely. Once I let Roz go he was a wild child, throwing a little tantrum about his rough morning. He rolled and then raced up and down his paddock bucking, rearing, and generally being a dork. Once I went out to watch him he would race up the hill to the gate that leads to the pasture, put his head over, and then turn back to look at me. "Hey, can you open this gate for me!?" Silly boy. He gave me a good laugh, but settled down in about 10 minutes. It's nice to see him feeling so good. 

This is his foot prior to being trimmed, I will get one after soon. You can see the layer of his foot that looks like it's coming up close to his toe. That's the "false sole" that I was talking about. A couple of weeks ago it wasn't nearly as obvious. 
Not the best photos but you can see that he was feeling full of himself! 
Then if was off to NDF to get Chevy ready to see his farrier...yes, I do use 2 different people. Roz had to have nikes so he gets to use a "special" farrier. Even though he is barefoot now, he agreed to continue working on his feet for me. Chevy was the best he has been for the farrier. We were both happy about that. His feet are looking really good. We left him barefoot behind again this time around, as he seems totally comfortable. After he got his dancin' shoes on I got him tacked up and headed over to the arena to start lunging him before Tarra got there. He was great on the lunge line; volunteering to go forward, which I was delighted to see. He got about 10 minutes of lunging before Tarra got to the barn. She hopped on and off they went. He was a really good boy today and is looking so good! He was going much better than he did earlier this week. It's amazing what good consistent work will do for a horse mentally. After her initial warm up I asked if Tarra would show me his leg yields. He hasn't had a lot of experience with them but actually was doing them reasonably well. His transitions as a whole have improved so much as has his canter. I'm so excited to see how well he does with Kelsey this next month. He is heading out there tomorrow morning.

Most of the horses at the barn, have a nick name, given to them by the barn owner's husband. For example, Mystic is called Pinto Beans, and now Chevy is called Larry. I guess he just looks like a Larry to him, which I can kind of see. He was telling me what a sweet guy Mr. Chevy is. He is waiting at the gate to come in in the afternoon and likes to have his face hugged. Isn't that cute!? I told them that after bringing Pretty up there, I felt like I owed them an easy to handle horse.

Once I finished up I had to hurry home from the barn to get showered and head to the hospital. We got there at 12:30, as instructed. Shortly after getting settled in my fancy gown, my surgeon walked by, and stopped in my room. He was surprised to see us there as he had asked someone to call me at 9am to let me know that I should come in later. They were running behind, probably by around 2 hours. My surgery itself was set to start at 2pm, so we figured I'd be in by 4pm. In reality, I got started at 6pm! He asked if I was surprised to hear that I needed chemo, and of course I said yes. He really thinks it's the right thing for me to do and said that I will do great with it.

With all of the waiting we had to do I was so thankful I had lots of family and friends coming to wait for me. They all crowded in to my little room to visit, and we had lots of laughs. My parents, grandparents, sister in law and her mom, plus our minister from church were all there. It was so nice to have their company. My surgeon came back in to visit with me before getting started and explained more about my port, and about the biopsy sample they would be taking. He assured me that they would do the best they could to leave only a small scar. I told him that I didn't care and his response was "I do." I am so pleased with the doctor we chose and I really feel like he cares about me, which I so appreciate. He also has an awesome physicians assistant who has taken great care of me.

Next the anesthesiologist came in and gave me two options. Option one was for them to make my nice and sleepy so I don't really know what's going on but I'm not all the way under, so I can still breath on my own and wouldn't need to be intubated. He also said that this should eliminate the post anesthesia nausea I experienced last time. He said I may be aware of what was going on, so if that would freak me out, then they could put me under general anesthesia. He was just chatting with us while waiting for my nurse to come, and we discovered that his kids go to the same school that I graduated from, and he lives near us. It's amazing how small the world really is.

As far as anesthesia goes, I opted to do the first choice and am so glad that I did. I don't remember anything from the surgery so I was definitely asleep, but the waking up was much better. Surgery started around 6pm and I was home by 8:15pm! Probably the worst part about the wait was that I hadn't eaten anything since 10pm last night, so I had to go almost 24 hours with out food. It was great to come home and eat! I was definitely feeling some soreness from where they place my port but I took some meds and with in about a half and hour I was feeling much better. Now I think it's time for me to get some rest. I plan to sleep well!

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