Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hoof Boots

Rozzy Ridge got hoof boots today! I was thinking in the last couple of days that I should explore hoof boots for him so that we could do some trail riding this spring and summer. I already have plans to take him to the beach, where he should be fine with out boots since the footing is so soft. Most of the "trails" around our house are actually gravel logging roads of the research forest that is owned by OSU. It's a ton of land to ride on but not that friendly for a flat footed wimpy barefoot thoroughbred. I don't really want to shoe him if I can help it but wanted to be able to ride him a little bit. When I got to NDF tonight one of my fellow boarders was out there, and I knew she had purchased a pair of boots for her horse. I asked her about them and she offered to let me try them as she doesn't need them anymore. They have hardly been used and she offered them to me at a great buy. I tried them on Roz tonight and they fit! I'm so excited to put them on and take him for a ride. They are the Cavallo sport boots, and they have the gel pad inserts and the pastern wrap. They are SO much easier than the "easy" boot that I have. After deciding that they fit I took him for a walk on our gravel drive way and he seemed totally comfortable. I'm going to have to take him on a longer walk to get the mail or something, a few times, to break them in before hitting the trails. Does anyone else use hoof boots?

I had a great ride on Chevy tonight. He started off super lazy (like normal) but I actually got him going pretty well. I'm still playing with what works best for him. He really dislikes the whip so often times it's counter productive to swat him with it, as he sucks back worse after getting spanked. If you use it lightly it seems to work okay, and tonight I was using my voice a little more with him and he seemed to respond well to that.

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  1. Hoof boots are the perfect compromise between permanent hoof protection (shoes) and barefoot. I'm so glad you got a pair!!


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