Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lots of Fun

Christmas is so fun! For our family it's a day spent with lots of family at my Grandparents house. It's so relaxing and I always look forward to our time together. My main gift this year was rubber floor mats for my new Mazda 3. It came with fairly nice carpet ones but I'm really not a carpet floor mat kind of girl. I'm always getting in to my car with wet and/or muddy boots and it drives me crazy to have a dirty car. My new mats hook in to the floor to keep them from being pushed up as you get in and out. I also have a mat for the cargo area which will allow me to take Annie in it. I'm looking forward to her first ride in Dory. She's going to love it. Another great surprise gift was a really nice nike sweatshirt from my little brother. I had been eye-balling it when we were shopping but decided I couldn't justify spending the money. After I walked away he bought it for me!

When we got home I went out to the barn with Tarra. I wasn't feeling that motivated but it was still nice to be out at the barn with the horses. Chevy had swollen hind legs, with his right hind being quite a bit worse than the left hind. Horses were inside today so some of it might be him being stocked up, but apparently he also got in to a kicking match with another gelding he is turned out with. That happened yesterday, so I'm thinking he's sore from that. He's a little bit off but not bad. I put standing wraps on him for the night and we'll see how he looks tomorrow. Tarra let me hop on Mystic pony and I got to jump him for the first time. He is so easy! I love it.

Chemo round #3 starts tomorrow. Hopefully it goes smoothly. I have been feeling great the last week or so. Yesterday was a super busy day, with a 3+ mile walk with my dog and my mom, followed by a hour and a half trail ride, then an afternoon playing with my friends adorable baby girl.


  1. ive just started reading your blog and I love it glad that you got a ride and ahad a good christmas

    hope the chemo goes well

  2. Merry Christmas to you! You are doing awesome.


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