Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Found Him

I found my "normal" Chevy today! Yah! He's such a sweet guy. I didn't wear my muck boots out to the barn so I was hoping to not have to slog through the mud to bring him in from the pasture. He was about half way across it, grazing with his buddies but when I got to the gate and started calling for him he headed on over. I love having a horse that comes when I call!

I lunged him for about 10 minutes before shortening my stirrups a hole and hopping aboard. He walked quietly around on a loose rein and just felt settled. Once we got to work he was focused and forward. I'm hoping that we have finally turned a corner in terms of him understanding that forward is the answer. He gave me nice canter transitions and good work in the canter as well. The only area where he gave me some resistance was picking him up from a loose rein at the walk, to transition to trot. He either really sucks back or throws his shoulders around. I got after him with the whip for sucking back which makes him really mad. He's definitely got a red head temper. After a couple of little battles I finally had him really thinking forward and then he just wanted to jig. We did a few transitions and then I reassured him that it was okay to just walk. He got lots of praise and cookies when I hopped off tonight.

The Thoroughbred Exibitors Association posted their spring schooling show date today of March 30th. I'm hoping that can take Chevy and April may take Pants with us. It should be fun. It feels nice to be working towards some set clinic/show dates again. It certainly helps keep me motivated.

As far as how I'm doing after chemo far so good! I hope it stays that way. I'm feeling a litte bit tired but worked a 1/2 day. Ate lunch and took a little nap before heading in to the doctor to get my neulasta shot. Once I finished with that I went out to ride Chevy and then came home to wash my car. I haven't been nauseas at all which is a huge plus! It will be interesting to see what the next few days bring but hopefully I will continue to feel good.


  1. So glad that you seem to have had an over all goood day :)

  2. I hope you continue to feel good too and I'm glad your normal Chevy came back!


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