Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rocket Fuel?!

I had to ask April if they have been feeding Chevy rocket fuel. She said they actually cut his grain down while he was on stall rest and she hasn't increased it again. He's turned out all day in a 5+ acre pasture so he doesn't have the excuse of lack of turn out either. Silly boy.

He met me at the gate tonight (as usual) and I got him cleaned up and ready to work. I opted to just lunge him since today was a chemo today and I was feeling a little sluggish. Again he was ready to go! He trotted a couple of laps before hopping right in to the canter. I like seeing him go forward so I hate to shut him right down, but at the same time I expect him to be obedient on the lunge line. We spent some time working on transitions and by the time we were done he was being very good. I am excited to see him acting like an actual young thoroughbred. His lunging has improved a lot and I am hoping to  start long lining him soon. His hock looked better tonight also.

Chemo round 5 seems to be going well so far. We'll see how I am doing in the next couple of days. The doctor and my nurses are extremely nice, and although I really don't enjoy sitting in the chemo room for 4 hours it could definitely be worse. My grandparents, and my friend Kellie came to visit with me, and my mom hung out with me also. My last 3 chemo appointments are scheduled and I cannot wait until March 6th. I am SO excited.


  1. He's saving all his go-go juice for you!

  2. He's so excited to be around you :D Glad your Chemo seems to be going well :)


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