Thursday, January 31, 2013


Horse soccer that is! Tarra got a large horse ball for her birthday and also to assist her in getting Mystic ready for the All Breeds Challenge they will be doing at the NW Horse Fair and Expo in March. I figured Chevy might as well learn how to play with it too! He's generally very sensible and is not spooky so I figured he would be alright. Both boys were fine with it. Definitely unsure of how to really make it move around and Chevy didn't like having to walk right up to/through it to get it to move. Once it was on the move he was happy to follow along and would nudge it forward as we went. By the end we were trotting behind it some and he was doing great! Tarra and I plan to pull the ball out at least once a week as a nice way to break up the real arena work and expand their horizons. We had a blast!
Trotting away after Tarra gave the ball a big kick

Consulting with Mystic to see if the ball was safe to approach again....
He's getting it!
He's a good boy!

On the chemo side of things round 6 starts Tuesday. We are doing it a day early as their schedule was already full for Wednesday. I have been feeling really good since the last round. The first few days I was tired and achy. The first few days of this week I felt like I was fighting a cold but that seems to have resolved. I have been riding every night and have also had 2 really good work outs this week. It feels so good to have energy and want to do things. The weather around here has also warmed up and I am looking forward to an awesome weekend! 


  1. That's so cool! One of the Stallion Demo horses at the Hoosier Horse Fair last year did a routine with his horse ball to "I'm Sexy and I Know It". It was so cute. I think Connor would be terrified, which is probably a good reason to get one...

    1. That sounds cute! We started with them loose in the arena and with cookies in hand. I bet Conner would enjoy it once he got over his initial fear. Neither of our boys cared too much but both are pretty laid back.


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