Monday, January 21, 2013

Still Wild

Mr. Chevy was a wild child again today! I was only on him for about 30 seconds before I opted to hop off and lunge. He felt like a stick of dynamite. We walked back to the barn to grab side reins to make our lunge session more productive. He actually worked pretty well. Once I got back on him he was better although not great. He had an attitude about trotting (as usual) but after a sharp reminder we got to work. He was forward but didn't try to pull anything naughty. I only rode him a little bit since I had already worked him pretty well on the lunge line. Maybe he will finally settle down tomorrow! The weather is supposed to be warming up and I think that may help us out as well.

I got a few pictures of Roz playing in the pasture this morning. He's feeling so good!


  1. It's that winter air making them naughty! Roz is adorable!

  2. Hope the weather warms up soon, winter is such a pain!

  3. Thank you. I think Roz is pretty darn cute myself....but I'm a bit partial. :)


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