Thursday, February 28, 2013


Chevy sold tonight and left for his new home. He's going to be a trail/pleasure horse not far from us. I hope that he loves his easy new life. Now I get to start saving for my Cardi baby. I'm so excited to get going on my savings goal and have a lovely welsh cob to bring along.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Western Ridin'

I rode Chevy western tonight because I have someone coming to see him tomorrow who wanted to try him western. I haven't ever ridden him western but of course, he was just fine. Quite honestly it is not my favorite way to ride. I feel less secure in the western saddle and just not as comfortable as I am in my english saddle.

The western saddle actually belongs to my mom and has been sitting un-used in our garage for a long time. I pulled it off the saddle rack, put it in my car, pulled it out at the barn, groomed Chevy and started tacking him up. When I got the saddle on I realized that there was a huge spider on the saddle! I do not do spiders!!! I opted to pull the saddle off of him and when I got it off I couldn't find the spider. Go figure. I was totally paranoid that it was on me somewhere but I couldn't find it. Then I looked at the pad still on his back and there he was. I grabbed the pad and banged it against the wall, with a scream. Chevy jumped and picked his head up from his hay to see what the problem was. I stomped on the spider once he hit the ground and resumed tacking up. I was kind of glad I had the barn to myself so I didn't have any witnesses.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Troublesome Triplets

The troublesome triplets are at it again. This poor momma can't get any rest. 

If Horses Could Speak

April and I went to a seminar yesterday where we watched a DVD by Gerd Heuschman titled If Horses Could Speak. It was really interesting to learn more about the horses structure and how the way we ride them affects their body. One of the things that he talked about was that horses really aren't built to be ridden. They are supposed to eat grass all day and occasionally run from predators. Here's a link to an article that summarizes everything really well. It was fun to expand my knowledge and learn more about the horses structure and how are riding can impact it. 

One interesting question someone brought up was if the horses find the work to be easier when they are doing it correctly. It was pointed out that is isn't necessarily "easier" for us to work out correctly but we feel better in the long run. I do think that's true with horses, otherwise why wouldn't they all just opt to go around in a frame that is comfortable and easy for them?!

I'm starting to feel better from this chemo round and am hoping to ride Chevy today. I was extremely sore on Friday, and although I was better yesterday I was still achy, particularly in my hips. I feel pretty good this morning so hopefully that will continue. Although the last few rounds have not been as bad as the first, they are still draining.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing Up

For those of you who have followed along for a's a new photo of Pants. He has to show in a bit this year and this was his first time wearing it. Isn't he handsome!?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One To Go

I completed chemo number 7 today; only one more to go! My port didn't work as well as it should have today so it delayed my chemo a little bit while I got that checked out. It worked fine when I was laying down so I got to recline for the whole time. The benadryl already makes me sleepy and then being reclined made me even worse. However, I had good company and I did not fall asleep. My liver values had improved from last time, and I'm on track for finishing up on March 6th. I'm so excited to be almost done!

There is nothing new on the Chevy front. I haven't worked him that much but I did lunge him last night. He was very energetic and seemed happy to work. He had tonight off, since I wasn't really feeling up to going out. It's back to work for him tomorrow! Here are a couple of photos I took on Sunday. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Enjoying the Sun

 photo IMG_5537.jpg
How cute is that!? 

 photo IMG_5546.jpg

 photo IMG_5555.jpg

 photo IMG_5559.jpg
I gave Annie May a new toy today and she was a happy camper.

 photo IMG_5580.jpg
Cute twins

 photo IMG_5592.jpg
Pretty Paddi keeping her eye on the sheep

 photo IMG_5606.jpg
Silly triplets again...apparently one of them thinks that mom makes a good couch. 

 photo IMG_5612.jpg

 photo IMG_5618.jpg
Life is good

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Heard Me

Chevy must have heard that I was frustrated because he was excellent tonight. I rode him very lightly on Saturday and then he had Sunday/Monday off work. I wasn't sure what to expect tonight but I decided that I was just going to demand he work like I asked. He came out a bit lazy (as usual) but a few sharp taps with the whip and we got his engine engaged. I'm learning that he responds better to the whip if I just use it somewhat aggressively the very first time. If I lightly tap him with it he is more sulky about it than if I surprise him with it. I'm glad we are figuring out something that works for him. I think he is finally understanding that when my leg goes on...he needs to get moving! His leg yields are really improving and overall his work is getting stronger. Hopefully we will get a great week of riding in, now that I am feeling better from chemo #6.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I try really hard to be patient but sometimes it is just so difficult! I've posted before that Chevy is for sale. I've had 4 people come look at him and only 1 of the 4 has ever gotten back to me to tell me that he is not what they are looking for. The most recent shopper came out last week and seemed very interested. She was talking about coming back with her own  saddle and also that she would plan to have him vetted....then I never heard another word from her. It's just so frustrating! I really don't care if they don't feel like he is a good fit for them, it would just be very courteous if they would let me know.

Then, I feel like I just get in a few really good rides on him and it's time for another chemo treatment or something else gets in the way. He is actually going really well under saddle so I have no complaints with him. He's getting much more forward, and his canter transitions have improved a lot! I really don't dislike him, he's just not the bast match for me. Then I don't want to get too attached or too invested because I know he's for sale and that he's not going to do what I want him to do.

I do have him posted on a few sales pages on craigslist and the lady who started him as a three year old contacted me. She feels bad that she lost track of him and asked if I would be interested in a trade because she has a couple of horses that could fit my needs. I'm tempted in some ways because I would love to get a horse that I could jump and do some eventing with this spring but in reality if I want to purchase a Cardi baby I'm going to have to down to one horse for a while to be able to make it happen. Plus, what happens if I end up with another horse who won't do what I want him to do. I have seen several videos lately of horses off the track with in the last 6 months or so who are jumping pretty nicely and I wonder why I couldn't have found one of those!? Ugh. It's so frustrating. Oh well. I guess I should quit feeling sorry for myself and just be patient. I know he will sell and when I look back it probably won't even have taken as long as it feels like it's taking.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


We had a sweet set of triplets born last night, here on the McFarm. 

The first baby of the season, enjoying her time outside
And of course we have to have pictures of the beggar.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring is Coming

Not only are the days getting longer but we had our first lamb last night! We have 5 ewes left to lamb with in the next couple of weeks. Isn't she cute!?

I went in to the barn today to work Chevy and the barn owners husband had put up a note on the white board.... 
They may have Seabiscuit but we have Aqua Pony and Snorkel Boy. 

He was referring to our beach trip adventures and it made me laugh out loud. Too funny! I don't think we will ever live that one down. 

I made it through chemo #6 today and am down to the final 2. I'm so excited to be almost done. My blood work is still looking decent although I had a few elevated liver values. Apparently that is pretty normal for this treatment as it is hard on your liver. Hopefully they won't get any worse and I can finish on time. One of the awesome chemo nurses changed the flush they are using for my port. The taste of the old stuff really grossed me out and by the end of my treatment last time I threw up. The nurse remembered reading an article about this and tried something different. It was so much better for me. I also got flowers from a friend and a beautiful purple hat from a friend of a friend. How sweet is that!? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crazy Beach Ride

Tarra and I have taken horses to the beach before but never had such a crazy ride as we did today. The weather was absolutely perfect, which is especially amazing for the Oregon coast in February. We got the boys tacked up and headed out on the beach. Chevy hasn't ever been there before and was a bit cautious but took it all in well. We walked along on the wet sand a ways before asking them to get in the water. Once Mystic got in Chevy was pretty happy to stick close to him and they were being great. We continued walking down the beach keeping the horses in the water as we went. The foam is definitely the "scariest" part of the wave and the horses were being a bit jumpy about it as it went by their feet. We saw a larger wave coming in towards us and started trotting out of the water but we weren't fast enough. The bigger foamy wave caught up to us and as it passed by the horses Chevy spun around and started lunging straight in to the ocean! I think he must have gotten disoriented and figured if he couldn't get out heading for the sand he would go the other way. He got in up to his belly before I was able to get him turned around. I've heard stories of horses getting freaked out and swimming out in the ocean. If he had kept going I definitely would have bailed!

As it was, while Chevy and I were trying to swim across the ocean Mystic had lost his footing and fallen down! Tarra was in the water with one foot caught up in his stirrup and Mystic was thrashing around. By the time I got Chevy turned around and heading in the right direction Tarra had gotten free and Mystic had gotten up. He went trotting out of the water and Chevy whinnied and was prancing through the water. I was afraid that Chevy was going to take off after Mystic and decided it was time for me to get off my freaked out horse  while I had him mostly contained. I'm not exactly sure what happened but for some reason my feet didn't hit the ground right. We were still in about a foot of water and I wiped out on the landing! I came up soaking wet and covered in sand while Mystic and Chevy went galloping off down the beach. Tarra and I both came out of the water cracking up and walked down the beach to find out horses.

Thankfully there weren't a lot of people on the beach so no one was in their path to get run over (or to catch them). They basically just stopped at the end of the beach and a couple of people were looking at them and petting them. Chevy was circling for a place to roll and I started running over to him since I didn't want my saddle to get trashed. Finally one of them grabbed a hold of Chevy and by the time we got to them they were telling us how sweet and gentle both boys were. We took inventory to be sure both horses seemed fine and led them back down to the water to make sure they got in it again. We then hopped back on to walk around a little bit before heading back to the trailer. We were both sopping wet and covered in sand so we weren't too interested in spending a lot more time riding. I'm just thankful we are all okay. The boys really were good, we just got surprised by that wave being so big and then a series of unfortunate events caused us to all get separated. Talk about a crazy day. I know I will for sure bring a change of clothes next time. I did not enjoy driving home in soaking wet, sandy breeches!

On the way home Tarra and I discussed the fact that a year or two ago our hearts would have been racing during the whole ordeal but neither of us really felt freaked out about it. We were really just busy figuring out what we needed to do to get out of there in one piece. I can't decide if we are getting more brave or stupid! :)

One of only 2 photos that I took today. It does prove what a gorgeous day it was over there. Both my phone and camera went swimming with me. Thankfully they are working just fine!