Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Western Ridin'

I rode Chevy western tonight because I have someone coming to see him tomorrow who wanted to try him western. I haven't ever ridden him western but of course, he was just fine. Quite honestly it is not my favorite way to ride. I feel less secure in the western saddle and just not as comfortable as I am in my english saddle.

The western saddle actually belongs to my mom and has been sitting un-used in our garage for a long time. I pulled it off the saddle rack, put it in my car, pulled it out at the barn, groomed Chevy and started tacking him up. When I got the saddle on I realized that there was a huge spider on the saddle! I do not do spiders!!! I opted to pull the saddle off of him and when I got it off I couldn't find the spider. Go figure. I was totally paranoid that it was on me somewhere but I couldn't find it. Then I looked at the pad still on his back and there he was. I grabbed the pad and banged it against the wall, with a scream. Chevy jumped and picked his head up from his hay to see what the problem was. I stomped on the spider once he hit the ground and resumed tacking up. I was kind of glad I had the barn to myself so I didn't have any witnesses.


  1. Never seen a clipped western horse before. ;) Good luck with the showing!

  2. Hope the showing goes well! I hate spiders too!

  3. Haha I totally read the post title with a souther accent. Because clearly all western riders have one!

  4. Chevvy looks great in Western gear! I am totally with you about the spiders ... They creep me out.


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