Saturday, February 16, 2013

Enjoying the Sun

 photo IMG_5537.jpg
How cute is that!? 

 photo IMG_5546.jpg

 photo IMG_5555.jpg

 photo IMG_5559.jpg
I gave Annie May a new toy today and she was a happy camper.

 photo IMG_5580.jpg
Cute twins

 photo IMG_5592.jpg
Pretty Paddi keeping her eye on the sheep

 photo IMG_5606.jpg
Silly triplets again...apparently one of them thinks that mom makes a good couch. 

 photo IMG_5612.jpg

 photo IMG_5618.jpg
Life is good


  1. No lambs here this spring. Makes me a bit sad, but better than not being able to find homes for them.

  2. The lambs are just so cute I love them! I love the last three pictures


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