Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Heard Me

Chevy must have heard that I was frustrated because he was excellent tonight. I rode him very lightly on Saturday and then he had Sunday/Monday off work. I wasn't sure what to expect tonight but I decided that I was just going to demand he work like I asked. He came out a bit lazy (as usual) but a few sharp taps with the whip and we got his engine engaged. I'm learning that he responds better to the whip if I just use it somewhat aggressively the very first time. If I lightly tap him with it he is more sulky about it than if I surprise him with it. I'm glad we are figuring out something that works for him. I think he is finally understanding that when my leg goes on...he needs to get moving! His leg yields are really improving and overall his work is getting stronger. Hopefully we will get a great week of riding in, now that I am feeling better from chemo #6.


  1. I try to follow Jane Savoie's advice to ask lightly, respond immediately and sharply if you don't get an obedient response, then come back and ask again to make sure they get the connection. Lance needs a lot of this....

    1. Yes! That's basically what I am doing with him now. He kind of sucked me in to trying to coerce him in to doing what I want, rather than expecting that he do what I ask promptly.


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