Sunday, February 10, 2013


I try really hard to be patient but sometimes it is just so difficult! I've posted before that Chevy is for sale. I've had 4 people come look at him and only 1 of the 4 has ever gotten back to me to tell me that he is not what they are looking for. The most recent shopper came out last week and seemed very interested. She was talking about coming back with her own  saddle and also that she would plan to have him vetted....then I never heard another word from her. It's just so frustrating! I really don't care if they don't feel like he is a good fit for them, it would just be very courteous if they would let me know.

Then, I feel like I just get in a few really good rides on him and it's time for another chemo treatment or something else gets in the way. He is actually going really well under saddle so I have no complaints with him. He's getting much more forward, and his canter transitions have improved a lot! I really don't dislike him, he's just not the bast match for me. Then I don't want to get too attached or too invested because I know he's for sale and that he's not going to do what I want him to do.

I do have him posted on a few sales pages on craigslist and the lady who started him as a three year old contacted me. She feels bad that she lost track of him and asked if I would be interested in a trade because she has a couple of horses that could fit my needs. I'm tempted in some ways because I would love to get a horse that I could jump and do some eventing with this spring but in reality if I want to purchase a Cardi baby I'm going to have to down to one horse for a while to be able to make it happen. Plus, what happens if I end up with another horse who won't do what I want him to do. I have seen several videos lately of horses off the track with in the last 6 months or so who are jumping pretty nicely and I wonder why I couldn't have found one of those!? Ugh. It's so frustrating. Oh well. I guess I should quit feeling sorry for myself and just be patient. I know he will sell and when I look back it probably won't even have taken as long as it feels like it's taking.


  1. I know how you feeel, if you ever feel like you want a chat you are welcome to send me a message :)

  2. Lack of communication is the worst. I hope he sells for you sooner rather than later.

  3. Hi Alanna, I found Tarra's blog while blog-hopping, left a comment on her beach adventure, and then hopped on over to yours – only to be surprised that I'm on your blog list! I guess I've been delinquent in not finding and following your blog sooner; looks like we have several things in common. I certainly know how hard it is to wait for the "right" horse; I'm so tickled with Lance but it will be awhile till I know if he's going to be the dancing partner I've hoped for.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Yes, I have been reading about your horse adventure. It is so hard to find the "right" horse! I hope Lance is the one for you.


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