Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One To Go

I completed chemo number 7 today; only one more to go! My port didn't work as well as it should have today so it delayed my chemo a little bit while I got that checked out. It worked fine when I was laying down so I got to recline for the whole time. The benadryl already makes me sleepy and then being reclined made me even worse. However, I had good company and I did not fall asleep. My liver values had improved from last time, and I'm on track for finishing up on March 6th. I'm so excited to be almost done!

There is nothing new on the Chevy front. I haven't worked him that much but I did lunge him last night. He was very energetic and seemed happy to work. He had tonight off, since I wasn't really feeling up to going out. It's back to work for him tomorrow! Here are a couple of photos I took on Sunday. 


  1. You go, so close to finishing! Awesome!

  2. WOOP So close to to finishing bet you can't wait :)

  3. You positive attitude is so inspirational...almost there!

  4. This is probably not the right place to be asking but I recently found a lump in my breast and Im really scared. I dont know what to do?
    So glad its almost over for you. You have been so strong through this whole thing!!

    1. Go see your doctor! There's a good chance it's no big deal but if it is cancer it's much much much better to catch it early than to wait.

  5. Glad it's almost over! Good luck on the home stretch.

  6. You are seriously an inspiration. I am so glad that you are only 1 treatment away from the finish line. My father had cancer and obviously it is all different but your positive attitude is really motivating. Glad your numbers were looking up!


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