Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring is Coming

Not only are the days getting longer but we had our first lamb last night! We have 5 ewes left to lamb with in the next couple of weeks. Isn't she cute!?

I went in to the barn today to work Chevy and the barn owners husband had put up a note on the white board.... 
They may have Seabiscuit but we have Aqua Pony and Snorkel Boy. 

He was referring to our beach trip adventures and it made me laugh out loud. Too funny! I don't think we will ever live that one down. 

I made it through chemo #6 today and am down to the final 2. I'm so excited to be almost done. My blood work is still looking decent although I had a few elevated liver values. Apparently that is pretty normal for this treatment as it is hard on your liver. Hopefully they won't get any worse and I can finish on time. One of the awesome chemo nurses changed the flush they are using for my port. The taste of the old stuff really grossed me out and by the end of my treatment last time I threw up. The nurse remembered reading an article about this and tried something different. It was so much better for me. I also got flowers from a friend and a beautiful purple hat from a friend of a friend. How sweet is that!? 


  1. Cute note. I bet you'll be reminded of your ocean adventures from time to time haha. Glad that your treatment is going well. As for the surprises it's all about the little things :) sounds like you have great friends.

  2. That note is awesome and funny, think you can deffo say that you are never going to live it down! Glad to hear that the treatment is going well!

  3. What a lovely thoughtful nurse!

  4. That lamb is adorable. Wish you the best on the last two treatments.

  5. Glad to hear you are reaching the end of treatment. I hope you are done just in time to enjoy summer. Because it will come, really.


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