Friday, March 22, 2013


I'm a little over 2 weeks out from my last chemo treatment and I'm feeling great. I have been so energetic and SO busy over that last week or so. Yesterday I hauled Mystic over to the Linn County Fairgrounds for the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo. He's competing in the All Breed Challenge this weekend. He made it through round 1 and will compete in round 2 tomorrow night.

Tarra letting Mystic scope out the competition arena
The Nags...sidesaddle riders doing a drill. Aren't they cute!? 
My friends adorable baby watching the opening ceremony. She likes the horses!
We saw these adorable mini donkeys today. I think I need one!

In other news, I had a fecal run on Roz this week and it came back with 1850 strongyles. Yikes! A high load would be considered 500. I spoke with my vet and they recommended de-worming him with Quest (moxidectin) and running a fecal in 10 days to be sure that it comes back clear. Then 3-4 months later we will run another one to determine what we need to treat him with next.  Roz looks completely healthy and I just ran the fecal as a routine screening. The vet said that he is probably very resilient and a high shedder. Apparently genetics play in to whether a horse a horse deals well with parasites or not. I thought it was pretty interesting. 


  1. So glad to hear your doing well! Go mystic!! :-)

  2. Glad to hear you feel great! Best of luck tomorrow!

  3. We have a high shedder at our barn. Bre and Romeo have always been clear so learning how best to deal with it has been new to me. I started this mare on a daily wormer because she seemed t be having health issues to increase when the worms hatch. I remember the days when we didn't do fecals. I love not randomly worming.

    So jealous that you went to the horse expo. I had too much going on and couldn't make it. One of these years!!!!


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