Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Roxanne is due to foal today! For those of you who don't know, Roxy is a mare that I used to own, and the mother of Pants. She is in foal to the Appaloosa stallion, Spot My Blue Boy. She is now owned by a friend of mine and I'm excited to go visit Roxy and baby once she foals. I'm also house sitting this weekend near the barn where she is stabled, so I volunteered for foal watch. We'll see if she has foaled by then. I will definitely take my camera out when the baby comes and will share some adorable photos with you.

Roxanne and her first foal, Pants.

This weekend is a huge tack sale somewhat near us. Tarra and I are taking a bunch of my tack, along with tack from some of our barn mates, to sell. Last year we had a table and did pretty well. We have to be up early but I'm sure it will be fun. 

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  1. Fun! Hope the baby makes a timely arrival! :)


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