Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Years

Yesterday I started taking Tamoxifen. It's a breast cancer treatment drug for those people who have estrogen sensitive cancer. That's what mine was, so estrogen was stimulating the cancer to grow. We don't want that! At this point I assume I'm cancer free, but research has shown Tamoxifen helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer. At this point I will be on it for 5 years. It sounds like such a long time and I think of all of the things I hope to accomplish in the next 5 years. I should have both my car and my student loans paid off. I should have a riding age Cardi baby by that point, and I can't wait. It sounds like a long time to me but I know it will go by quickly. I'm also thankful that it isn't something I will have to be on for life. It does have some side affects, as all drugs do, but hopefully it won't cause me too much trouble. Everything seems to be going well, as of day 2.

Then today I visited a dermatologist due to a dark colored mole I have on my back. I showed both the plastic surgeon and my oncologist this week and both suggested I have it checked out. Thankfully it's just some funny blood vessel thing, not even a mole at all. I was very happy to get that news and know that it is not something I need to be worrying about.


  1. Glad that the spot was nothing concerning. Hope that you don't have any bad side effects from the meds. So looking forward to your future cardi pony adventures! :)

  2. Good news on the mole, and all kinds of amazing things will happen to you in the next five years :)

  3. New to your blog thanks to Cob Jockey! Wishing you all the best :)

  4. Glad that the spot was nothing to be concerned with, Jordan is riddled with moles and is constantly getting them checked and removed.


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