Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good News

Annie's blood work came back fine! I'm so glad there isn't anything really wrong with her. I hate worrying about these critters. I'm glad I had it done and it's nice to know she's doing well. Yah!

I got home today and had my awards in the mail from the Oregon Dressage Society. At some point I will have them mounted on a plaque. Now, I have to figure out what horse I am going to steal to get a plate for 2013....

I also thought Jen might enjoy seeing this welsh cob perform his 3rd level freestyle. He's the other welsh cob around here, besides Cardi, that I really enjoy keeping an eye on. I saw him at Devonwood a couple years ago, with his winning first level freestyle. What a cool dude!

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since the end of my chemo treatments. My hair is really starting to grow in again and I'm getting new eyelashes and eyebrows. Once it grows a little more I plan to take monthly pictures to document my hair growth. I'm looking forward to having long hair again someday!

Some fun Pony Expressions Photography news, I will be out at Inavale on May 12th for the OSU Hunter/Jumper Team show, and I will also be out there June 1st & 2nd for their One Day Horse Trials. I'm looking forward to it! 


  1. Got my awards today as well, on two different horses – neither of them mine - that I rode last year. I hope I can get in some more classes on Lance THIS year, if we ever get his back and saddle fit straightened out!

    1. Yeah, I was just borrowing "Rhythm" last spring, and then took Chevy (Blazon Shields) to two shows at Two Pennies Ranch. It was fun. I hope you get things figured out with Lance so you can get back in to the show ring on your own horse.

  2. Congratulations on the awards AND the hair! Those both have to feel great. I was SO excited to see that Cob video, thank you! I've never heard of him before. He's clearly young, but it's nice to see another Cob with similar conformation as Connor, for better and for worse, do those movements. How cool!

  3. Awesme awards and I'm glad the bloodwork came back normal!


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