Sunday, April 28, 2013

Laying Down

Has anyone ever taught their horse to lay down? I've been thinking of all of the fun things I can do with my cob while I'm waiting to be able to ride it. One of the things I want to teach it is to lay down. I've never taught a horse to do it but I think it would be a neat skill to have. I was watching some youtube videos on it (because obviously that's the best way to learn :) and realized that Roz is going to be my first victim. Hahaha. I figure I can't screw him up too badly since he's not young and impressionable. He's going to wonder what hit him. I need to find my clicker and pull that out, along with the cookies. I'm definitely not above bribery.

It has been fun to keep track of Rolex over this past weekend. Tarra and I have made it a goal to attend Rolex in 2015. I can't wait! Any tips from people who have been to it before? Also, go enter the contest that Equestrian at Hart is doing for a Rolex t-shirt!

There is a new proposed facility (Wallace Bridge) not too far from where we live. If they can get an easement modified and get plans approved it would potentially host another big event each year. They have proposed hosting the 2024 Olympics! Oregon could definitely use a huge equine facility for competitions. We currently have only one recognized event in the whole state. We are blessed to live about 30 minutes from where that event is held but it would be awesome to have another one, and something like Rolex!

Tarra and I had a fun discussion about our horse goals yesterday and here are mine.


  • First of all, we have always planned to do a Pas De Deux. The first thing Mystic and my pony will do is a Pas De Deux together. How cute will that be!? 
  • Win a Dover Medal 
  • Get my Bronze Medal
  • Ride/compete in a Musical Freestyle
  • Compete through Training Level
  • Do either a Novice or Training 3 day


  1. I haven't, but I've always wanted to be able to get my horse to lay down so I can hop on bareback and ride off like in the movies :)

    1. Doesn't that seem cool?! :) I'm going to give it a try.

  2. I taught my Morgan to bow, but that's as close to laying down as I've ever trained.

  3. Never tried it. I will be interested to hear how it goes for you! :)


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