Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life is Good

We have been having uncharacteristically dry weather here in Oregon. Roz has gotten to go out on the pasture the past few days. This was how I left him yesterday morning when I went to work.

I got an update on Pretty today. Here's the email I got....

"She is doing excellent. She is so talented!!! I got a new phone last week, so I don't have any [pictures] right this minute, but I can assure you she is great. We finally figured out her 'hard keeping "quirk" as we call it. She likes to have her own pasture!! She actually stays pretty fat that way with her grain & platinum every evening. She spent a lot of time in California with the trainer. He LOVED her. It's funny because she tried to dump him on their first ride. And it's certain she liked the warm weather more than the cold we have had. She comes in every night for her blanket still, when the other horses run the other way. She is a wonderful mare."

I'm so glad that she is doing well. I will share her photo as soon as I get it. 

Annie and I went for a nice hike today after I slept in. She has been behaving a bit oddly since Easter. Mainly I have noticed that she is drinking at strange times. We are going to do some bloodwork this week to make sure nothing is going on. Since I decided to get bloodwork done she seems to be back to normal. She certainly was energetic when we went hiking today and didn't act like anything was bothering her.

The view from our hike
She enjoyed having the windows rolled down on our drive home.
Heading home with my sweet mutt.
Later in the day I headed up to the barn to watch Tarra and Mystic jump. Mystic was awesome as always. He is gearing up for his first season of eventing. After watching them for a while Tarra asked if I was interested in riding in muck boots. I'm always game! Hahaha. I haven't jumped since the last time I jumped Mystic on Christmas. He is such a different ride than Roz. Roz has always been one of the horses that gallops to the fences, and you just hold on the for the ride. Mystic needs continued leg to the fence. We have several awkward spots until I got him really going. I'm definitely out of shape for jumping but it was fun. He's such an honest, sweet guy and I enjoyed hoping on him.

It's hard to see from this picture but I've got a big smile on my face. Thanks Tarra!
Then I brought horses in at the barn and saw this gorgeous rainbow. I'd say that was a pretty good ending to good day. 


  1. Glad that Pretty is doing well. Looks like you have had a really nice weekend! :) Hope the bloodwork comes back clean for your pup.

  2. So awesome to hear that Pretty is doing well :) Love the pics and that your dog is okay!

  3. My dog just psyched us out for blood work too, but it's much better to have them improve after you draw it instead of the opposite!


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