Monday, April 22, 2013

Surgery #3

I go in for surgery round 3 early tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to having my port out!!! I'm also getting my final breast implant in, which is supposed to be a lot nicer than the expander that is in right now. I will be off for the rest of the week, resting and healing. I'm supposed to be really careful as I will have internal sutures to hold the implant in the right spot. No working out for a month, but I can start walking in about 2 weeks. I'm definitely grounded from riding for now but I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle as soon as possible. Then I've had a sensitive tooth for the last couple of days and I realized that I've lost a filling. How annoying. I guess I'm going to try to get in to the dentist this week too.


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