Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Loop

Well I went out to grab Roz to head up to the barn for a trail ride today. He nickered at me as I came outside and again as I was hooking up the trailer. When I finished I grabbed his halter and went out to get him. He had decided that since I so obviously needed him should get good and muddy first. Note to self: catch the pony before you hook up the trailer.
Once at the barn I took Roz over to the arena for a couple of minutes to watch him go. He look pretty sound on his front feet but it beginning to look a bit more creaky behind. I suppose that's what getting old does for you. Tarra and I both hopped on bareback and off we went. We were having a great time and the weather was cooperating nicely. We have been out for a while and the "Map My Run" app that I was using said we had gone 4 miles. Tarra mentioned the loop since she thought it was about 6.2 miles or something like that. We figured it would be probably just as fast, (if not faster) to continue around the loop rather than turning back. Some of you may remember Tarra and I trying to find this over a year ago, in this post.
Thankfully, Tarra has since ridden the loop with a fellow barn mate so she (mostly) knew the way. This whole time Roz had been taking a few random odd steps behind but he seemed game so we opted to continue on. Well....that was a bad decision. I told Tarra to remind me to never ride "the loop" again. It didn't go well the first time we tried to ride it and it didn't go well today. At the 5 mile mark I decided to get off Roz and walk because I just didn't like the way he felt. He definitely seemed to have an easier time with me off of him. The real bummer about this trail is if you weren't going up hill (and some really steep) you were going downhill. There was hardly any just nice, flat, easy trail. Then it decided to pour on us. By the time we had made it back to the barn we had gone 9.4 miles. Ouch! Thankfully my bog boots are pretty comfortable and we were walking fairly slow. 

Roz seemed fine on the walk back and I pulled his bridle off once we got closer to the barn so he could grab some grass along the way. I loaded him right up when we got back and headed for home. Once at my house he wouldn't back out of the trailer so I ended up just letting him turn around. He was noticeably lame after standing for only a short time on the trailer. 

After looking him over well I think it may be his stifle. It feels like something is "catching" as he walks. It's definitely not every step or anything like that but often enough that you can tell something is up, and I felt it the strongest walking up some of the hills. It's a good thing the pony has some time to rest now! I will give him a little bute over the next few days and I will see how he's doing. The next trail ride he goes on will either be to the beach with a lovely flat, sand surface, or to some easier trails around here. Either way we are never taking the loop again! 
Sunday morning update: He is looking much better this morning. Yah! 


  1. I've walked back from many a trail ride too... Not fun!

    1. I didn't even mind walking...I needed the exercise. I just feel bad that Roz has something going on. And once you are out in the sticks your only choice is to keep walking to get home.


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