Friday, April 19, 2013


Roz has had a lump on his chest for about a week. I thought that it might be a bug bite or something like that and have just kept an eye on it. Today, when I got home from work I gave him some hay outside and checked his lump again. Standing in the sunshine, with his winter coat shedding out I realized that there was a tick in the middle of his lump! Yuck!!! How gross. I ended up running back in to town to get a tick twister at Petco. It came right out! It's really weird because we rarely have ticks around here and I've never had a horse get one. Poor Rozzy Ridge. I feel bad that I ignored it for a week but I didn't have any idea that it was a tick.


  1. yuck! poor roz, I got a tick once, not fun!

  2. I hate ticks! My mare had one last year under her mane. My old barn never cut their grass to get to the pastures, so it was super long and I was coming across ticks all summer. Yuck!


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