Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Things

I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and he told me that I could start getting back to my normal activities. I worked out at Curves both Tuesday and today and I felt good. I'm definitely being cautious but I want to make sure that I don't undo everything that we've already done.

I also got to really ride tonight! A lady from NDF is on vacation and offered me her horse while she's gone. I don't have a lot of time the next few days but I got in a ride tonight and I'm hoping to get on him on Saturday too.  He was excellent tonight. We just did basic walk/trot/canter, along with leg yields, a bit of shoulder fore, and haunches in. I focused on my position, keeping my shoulders back, my hands up and together, my heels down, and my toes forward. There's always so much to do! I think I will probably be sore tomorrow. I haven't really ridden since I sold Chevy, at the end of February.

Roz got his hooves trimmed today and they look great. He is finally starting to grow some heel. Yah! I brought him in for the farrier and he sighed so big as soon as we stopped. Such a silly boy. You'd think we were really putting him out, by making him get his hooves trimmed. Life is rough. Just wait until he sees the vet pull up tomorrow for his shots!


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