Thursday, May 2, 2013


I got Roz's SmartBug-Off today and I just love SmartPak. This was in the front of his drawer. 
Now lets hope it really works! I always have good experiences ordering from SmartPak and I'm happy to use their products. Roz also got a new fly mask. I really debated buying the new SmartPak flymask but in the end I was unsure about the sizing and opted for the SuperMask II (with ears). His old fly mask is Cashel, and although I like it the sizing seems off on them. I first purchased a horse sized one for Roxy and it was always on the big side, so I got Roz a cob sized one. The cob size is slightly small. Ugh. Oh well, I'm just glad he is all set for this season and I look foward to seeing how the SmartBug-Off works. 


  1. Hope the bug supplement works. Ill be interested to see!

  2. I love SmartPak. Have heard good things about their feed through fly control supps, but know that most horses need to be on it at a barn for them to be truly effective.

    1. Well he is the only horse at our house....although we do have sheep. We may start using fly predators too.


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