Saturday, May 4, 2013

Springtime Sunshine

Roz was feeling good this morning, trucking around his field as soon as I let him out. He didn't even seem to notice that I cut him off his morning grain....

Then I let our lambs out, and they all crowded around to be petted. How cute are they!? I've really been enjoying the couple of minutes I spend with them every morning. They are all so sweet.

Tarra took Mystic cross country schooling and I went along as photographer and chauffeur. I'm not sure how that girl lucked out but she did. I got lots of cute pictures. Mystic was a superstar (as usual), and we had fun. It was pretty warm but the wind was blowing and we were the only ones out there. Normally it's really wet around here in the spring, so it's quite unusual for us to be able to get out on the cross country course before June. 


  1. Oh my, those lambs are so so cute. I just want to cuddle them.

  2. Those lambs are adorable. Great shots of Mystic :-)

  3. Those lambs are so sweet. I'd love to get a pet lamb or two to chill in my back yard :)


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