Friday, May 10, 2013

The Prince and the Pea

Roz got a beautiful brand new fly mask with in the last couple of weeks...and he doesn't like it! I'm sure you are wondering how I can tell. I've been noticing that he was shaking his head a lot in his mask, especially when I was hand grazing him on Wednesday. I took his mask off after we had been out there for a little while and he seemed happier. I didn't really make the connection until I put it back on him for our walk back up to the barn, and he began shaking it again. The next morning I put it on and watched him walk all the way across the pasture, shaking his head. I grabbed his old mask and followed him out there. He considered playing hard to catch, since I had just let him out, but he thought better of it and stopped for me. Once I changed his mask he shook his head once and happily started grazing. I'm really not sure what it is about the new mask that he dislikes, but he definitely dislikes something. Now I need to contact SmartPak and see if I can return the offending fly mask. Who knew I had such a sensitive boy!? 
Maybe he is offended that it makes him look like a mule!? 
I also got the good news that I should have a horse to ride again (besides Roz) when I am released by the doctor. There is an appendix quarter horse gelding at NDF named Gator who I rode a couple of summers ago. Since then, they have been dealing with some lameness issues. His owner just bought another horse and then made a breakthrough with Gator's lameness. Gator is a very sweet dude and I'm really looking forward to riding him again!

In Cardi news, he's competing at his very first 3 day event this weekend at Novice. He's in first place after dressage (surprise, surprise) with a 21.3. What a cool boy!!!

We also reached 50 followers today. That is awesome. Thank you to everyone who follows along. Hopefully the ride will get more interesting as I begin raising a baby and getting prepared for the day when we can start riding and showing. 


  1. Gator sounds nice - thats great news :)

  2. Dickie hates his new fancy mask with the ears and nose falp!! He kept taking it off so I tried one wiht just the years, then I tried a less fancy earless mask and he is happy as can be. Bre LOVES being bubble wrapped so she has been thrilled with her new ears/nose flap monstrosity.

  3. I'd call SmartPak. If its not damaged they should take it back no problem. Congrats on 50 followers!

  4. We saw Cardi go xc... SWOON. We were watching the novice horses and my boyfriend goes "Look at that horse's mane!" And I go, oh it's a cob. He's beautiful. And then "Wait, that's Cardi!"

    1. That is awesome! I'm slightly jealous. I wonder what Cardi is thinking about this fun weekend!? :)


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