Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun Times

It was a crazy fun weekend. It all started Thursday night, with Tarra picking me and a friend of ours up from work, to head out to Inavale to walk her cross country course. After walking around it once we headed home since we were going to be up early on Friday. Friday morning we pulled out of the barn at 6:45am and she had her dressage test at 8:30. They were tied for first with a 30. Cross country was around 12:30 and it went well also, aside from them getting a bit lost up in the woods. They ended up with several time faults do to the detour but otherwise jumped clear. It was in the 90's and by the time we had finished cooling him out and headed for home I was not feeling well. I had a headache and felt a little bit nauseous. I hate that feeling. Thankfully after a nap, ibuprofen, and snacking a little bit I felt much better.

Saturday morning we headed back out to Inavale at 9:30am. We were able to watch most of the Intermediate competitors and some Training level as well. Stadium for BN started at 3 with Tarra riding at 4:15. They went double clear and ended up placing 7th. We all handled the heat a little bit better, even though it was still pretty hot. We made sure to eat and drink and that made a big difference.

The adorable Mystic and Tarra
Today, after church, Erica, Tarra and I, headed down to see Emi. She is SUCH a love sponge. She was laying down when we got out to the pasture but as soon as she realized we were there, she hopped right up and came over. We spent a lot of time just petting her and visiting. She made the rounds to everyone and would wander away with her mom for a few minutes before coming right back. She hardly ran around at all while we were there, but it was in the 90's again today. Not the perfect weather for running around. We hung out with her for a little over an hour before declaring it was too hot to sit in a sunny pasture any longer.

Noticing she had company 
More photos on facebook.
Also, here's a short video from today. She whinnied at us 3 or 4 times. She thinks we are great playmates!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Week Old

Emi is already a week old today! I'm hopefully going to go see her this weekend. Yah!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

16 Weeks

I've been done with chemo for 16 weeks today. I'm feeling totally healthy and am getting more fit by the week, as I have been able to return to working out and riding. It feels so good!
Hanging out with Roz last night
Emi and her mom today

Monday, June 24, 2013


Thank you to all of you for sharing my excitement over Emi. I'm still on cloud 9! I already can't wait to visit her again this weekend. Babies are so fun! I decided that Emi needs her own facebook page so I don't completely clog up my own with baby photos and such. If you are on facebook and want to keep track of her (and me) like her page. I can use up my allowed photo amount on blogger pretty quickly, so this will allow me to post a few photos here, with the rest viewable on facebook.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my vet regarding Legend for Roz, but I still hope to get it started soon. He seems to be moving better again and we are planning to go on a short walk tomorrow to see how he feels. I'm really looking forward to seeing if the Legend will make a difference for him or not. I've got to keep that boy happy and healthy, we've got a baby to raise!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing....Winterlake Emerald

My dream came true today. I am the new owner of a beautiful 3 day old Welsh Cob filly, named Winterlake Emerald. I have been in contact with Cardi's owner the last few months regarding purchasing a foal. I had my eye on the only purebred cob foal she was expecting. I met the beautiful mare, Chloe, and have been keeping in touch with her. She was due around the 1st of July but she foaled on Thursday! While I was hoping for a bay colt we got a beautiful bay filly instead.

It was torture to not be able to go meet her until today. I felt like a little kid on Christmas. When Tarra and I got down there, we stepped out of the car and said "hi" to Emi. She nickered at us! It's hard to beat a 3 day old foal nickering at your. According to her breeder, she is the most bold and friendly foal she has ever had. She marched right over and let us pet her all over. She'd run laps, come in for pets, and run more laps. We did a short leading lesson with her and then let her go. You could tell she was getting tired so we left her paddock so that she could take a nap. It only took a few minutes before she layed down. We signed paperwork and went to Dairy Queen to celebrate. I am beyond excited about this beautiful girl and I can't wait to bring her home. I am so blessed!

Can you say adorable!?

Isn't her mom beautiful!? 

A leading lesson
So itchy! 
Is that fly mask adorable or what!? 
I love the pink triangle on her chin.
Life is good. Napping after all of the fun!
What are you looking at!?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Change of Plans

I was all set to pick up Roz's Adequan today when I got a call from the vet that they don't have enough on hand, and it's on back order until at least mid August. Hmm....there goes that plan. Then my friend April came to visit with me, who just happens to be a CVT. She asked about trying Legend and I told her the problem with it is that it has to be given either in the joint or IV verses IM with the Adequan. She volunteered to give Roz's Legend injections so we are probably going to try that instead. I'm waiting to hear back from the vet regarding the cost and such but I think we will most likely give it a try. Yah for nice friends and a plan B. I will keep you all posted on the results.

There may also be some big news coming out soon....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sore Stifles

For the second time, Roz has come home from a long ride with sore stifles. He came off the trailer just fine on Saturday (after about 2 hours on it) and my dad said he saw him trot in from the pasture two times later that day. But by Sunday morning you could definitely see that he was sore in his stifles. I contacted my vet yesterday and we are going to try adequan injections for him. I'm also going to try to get him in a more consistent riding program. My goal is to be lightly riding him 4 days per week. At least two of those days we are going to haul up to NDF for some arena work. The other two days I will probably just ride him around our farm, and down the road. My hope is that the adequan will help him feel better and the increase in riding will help him build up some better conditioning and muscle support for that area. We'll see. There are some things about having an old horse that I love, but arthritis/lameness is not one of them. I'd love for him to be 11 again! Oh well, I'm truely thankful to have had him in my life and hope we can get him a little more comfortable and hopefully back to work!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Beach

Tarra, April, and I got up early this morning and took Roz and Mystic to the beach. We had a blast. It was much better than last time. I kept my cell phone in a ziploc bag, and brought a change of clothes but I didn't end up needing them. Yah! 

Both ponies got right in the water when we walked them down. I had April take a short video clip of Roz trotting when we first started to see how he would look. He honestly feels pretty good. If anything, his front end is doing really well and his hind end is stiff. I'd be interested to hear what other people see.

We played up and down the beach. Roz was ready to go! He thought about goofing off more than once but all I had to do was sit up and tell him no. After we had ridden around for a bit we traded and April hopped on him. He was a good boy for her and she really enjoyed getting to ride. While April rode Roz I snuck a quick ride in on the Mystic pony. That was fun too. It's amazing how different he is from Roz. Roz was ready to GO the whole time. I could tell Mystic was getting tired by the time I got on him and was happy to stop as soon as I quit telling him to go.

I must say I love the go in a thoroughbred. I just wish it came with a little less crazy sometimes! Thankfully Roz has never truly been a crazy. Even when I bought him the first time at 11 years old he was the kind of horse you could grab from the pasture with very little riding and take on a trip, like we did today. I sure do love that boy.

Here are some photos of our fun adventure!

April on Roz, with me on Mystic
Riding Mystic 
Roz getting a rest during a rider switch.  
Cantering down the beach on Roz

Group photo

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scentsy Update

A huge thank you to Lauren, and all of the people who ordered Scentsy for me!!! I so appreciate it. We made $300 and I added it to my pony fund. We are definitely making a lot of progress and every little bit helps. Yah!  I'm so excited and I really really appreciate the support.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saucy Sassy (Round 2)

Roz was a crazy boy again tonight. He pranced and danced when passed by cars, he jigged along the road, and he spun and kicked at the neighbors dog when it ran at us from behind their fence. If I didn't know better I'd say someone replaced by 21 year old horse with a 5 year old. What a goofball! I'm thinking that he could definitely be a handful at the beach on Saturday. I'm just glad he is feeling so good.
Don't let that innocent face fool you!

I played with Annie after riding the wild boy. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saucy Sassy

I took Roz for a nice ride tonight. Each time I take him out, we venture further down the road. We went a little over a mile tonight. He's totally game and loves to go out. There's a wide grassy shoulder along a fairly large portion of the road we live on. Roz is pretty road broke, from being ridden along the road for a couple of years with the girl who leased him. The most most challenging part of our ride was two very low hanging trees. I scraped under the first one but I ended up dismounting under the second one as I saw that my head was going to get taken off. Sadly is scratched my saddle. On the way back through, we went under the tree the other way and it was a bit easier (and I was able to stay mounted).

Once we got back on our driveway I asked Roz to trot. I haven't really trotted him much in his hoof boots and I really wasn't sure how he would feel. I was pleasantly surprised when after a couple slightly uneven steps he kicked in to gear and trotted like he hadn't had a lame day in his life. Yah! I was so happy with how great he felt. It's a slight hill heading up and he felt great behind too! We got about half way up the hill and he started tossing his head like a sassy boy. I think he was feeling good! We are heading to the beach on Saturday. I can't wait to play with him in the sand, although after tonight I think he definitely might be a handful (at least to start).

The grassy area alongside the road. It was a beautiful night. 

This photo was taken last night, while I was holding my nephew, Finley. He thinks my dad is really funny. 
I had an awesome ride on Gator last night. He felt really good and was super forward. I practiced some two point which I haven't done much of lately. It definitely got better as I found my balance in it again. I've been riding mostly dressage for several years now but it felt good to shorten my stirrups and get up off his back. I think he enjoyed it too. I was finally able to get him more soft and supple also. We did some shallow loops, and 3 loop serpentines and he felt really nice by the time we finished up.

I heard today that Cobie may be a little bit muscle sore. His owner couldn't find anything else wrong with him and it sounds like he looks better than he did on Friday night.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Missing It

I realized tonight that I'm really missing having my own horsey project. Of course I love Roz, but I don't have any real goals with him. Since starting to ride again, I've realized how much I miss having riding/showing goals and working towards that. I'm doing my best to really focus on my riding and fix a few of my bad habits. Once I get my baby bought and paid for, I plan to start taking lessons again. I'm really looking forward to that! I just keep telling myself to be patient.

I rode Gator Wednesday night and Cobie tonight. Sadly, Cobie came up very slightly off when I was riding him tonight. It was sad. He was being awesome and I was really enjoying my ride on him. We walked for about 10 minutes prior to picking up the trot. We started tracking right and trotted for a few minutes before switching to the left. I felt him take a few funny steps and was trying to decide what was going on. Tarra then asked if he seemed lame. I got off and put him on the lunge line so I could watch him go. It was slight but there's definitely something funny going on. I couldn't find anything on his legs, and felt bad giving his owner the bad news. Hopefully it's something very minor and it will resolve on it's own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cuteness Overload

Get ready for a cuteness overload. My friend brought over her 1 year old daughter to "ride" Roz.  She already loves horses. She didn't seem that interested when she was just standing by him, but as soon as we put her on him she lit up! What a happy camper. We walked him around very carefully and she loved it. She kept wanting to get back on after we pulled her off. Roz was extremely patient and didn't put a foot wrong. I sure love that boy!

Being a goofball! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunshine and Summertime

Nothing says summer better than a weekend at a horse show! I was out at Inavale most of the day, both Saturday and Sunday. I took lots of pictures! Here's the link. Tarra and Mystic had a great go and won their division. That was fun!

I rode Rozzy Ridge tonight. He got his vaccines on Friday night and I noticed tonight that he has a lump where he was given his rabies shot. It doesn't seem at all painful and he's moving fine. I checked his temperature and it was pretty normal. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on that. We had a lovely walk down the road. On our way back home our neighbors dog came running out to the fence barking. The neighbor commented "that's a calm horse." Why yes he is. :)

Standing by the trailer prior to having his tail washed
Posing for the camera
Such a pretty boy

I also learned this weekend that the USEA does not allow mules to compete at recognized events. I had no idea. If you look through my photos you will see some photos of a mule. He was very good at his job and I think he should be allowed to compete. What do you think?